January Primark Haul

Today I decided to go for a little wander to Primark. I wanted to get some new bed sheets and a pair of plain black plimsoles for work. Here is what I picked up! 




These were the bed sheets I decided on! Slightly tacky I know but so typical of me to pick leopard print! It was £14 for a kingsize set which I think is great value! Primark’s bedding prices have dropped considerably this year! 



These grey jeggings were only £7. The only complaint I have about these is that they sit a bit low on my hips but for £7 I don’t mind too much! 



These cute reindeer PJ’s were reduced to only £3! I have a very similar pair which I love so I couldn’t resist these! 


Now this was an absolute bargain! I’ve seen a few bloggers pick this skirt up in their local primark for £5 but for some reason in my local store it was only £1! I’ve got a family reunion in 2 weeks time and I think this will feature for the meal at night! I still can’t quite believe I only paid a pound for this! 


This dress is very bright but there is something nice about it! I don’t think I will get much wear out of this until summer but for only £5 I can’t complain! 



No trip to primark would be complete without buying a few plain cami tops! I’ve been buying a lot of pink lately and today was no different. The white and fuchsia tops were £2 and the baby pink one was £2.50. I wear a plain cami almost every day so I will definitely get plenty wear out of these! 



These cute memory foam slippers were only £3.50! They are dead comfy! 



This gorgeous silky cami was reduced to only £2! I think I’m going to wear this with my £1 sequin skirt to my family reunion meal! 



I’m in love with this cardigan! Grey is another of my favourite colours just now. This was only £10 and I will definitely be wearing this lots as the weather starts getting warmer! 



And last, but not least, from the jewellery section I grabbed these beauties. The bow earrings were only £1 (aren’t they gorgeous!), the 5pk diamante studs were also £1 and the little leopard print clasps were reduced to 50p! 

So there we go! That’s my latest primark haul! 

I love reading new blogs. Leave me links to your blog in the comment box below! 🙂 



Primark Haul- September!

I know everyone gets excited over a little Primark Haul so yesterday my lovely other half donated some money to my fashion fund so I could go and have a little spend-a-thon in Primark! 


Boots- £25

The first item to hit my basket was these lovely “riding boots.” During Autumn/Winter, I live in comfy boots and since I don’t like wearing my uggs in the rain, I’m always on the hunt for some nice leather effect boots. Riding style boots are very on trend at the moment! However the only thing I would say is that at £25, they are a little expensive for Primark! Hopefully they will be worth it though! 


Both Dresses- £5

I’m sure you are all aware, but Primark do a great range of £5 dresses and for Autumn/Winter they are making ones with longer sleeves! They didn’t have many options in these yet but I’m sure as time goes on they will get more patterns and colours in! I loved the spotty burgundy colour dress! Burgundy is definitely going to be a major colour in my wardrobe this winter! And I can’t wait to wear the black one with some chunky knitted tights as the weather gets colder! 


Cami Dress- £3
3 Pack Socks- £1 (SALE)
Chunky Slouch Hat- £2

And finally, I picked up these winter essentials! I own soo many colours of these Cami Dresses! This is the latest colour to hit the shelves and also fits with my colour scheme for winter! I love to wear these with printed leggings or jeans and a chunky jumper on top! The socks were reduced to just £1. I’m obsessed with buying socks just now so obviously I couldn’t resist this bargain! And you can never have too many socks, especially in Scotland when your feet are cold 99% of the time!! It is still a wee bit warm to wear my hat just now but I would probably not be able to find it if i went back when it got colder so I just grabbed it now! It’s a slightly slouchy hat with a big pom pom on the end! So cute! 

So that’s all I picked up yesterday! What have you been buying in Primark recently? What items are you looking forward to wearing this Autumn/Winter!? 




Uh oh I went shopping again…

I had a day off today which could only result in one thing…a shopping spree.
I managed to pick up a few lovely bargains on my travels today.

Pink leopard dress- New Look £7
Brown leopard dress- Internacionale £6
Rings- New Look £1
Earrings- New Look £1
Shoes- Primark £2

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a big fan of leopard print. These 2 dresses caught my eye and in the sale I definitely couldn’t resist. I really didn’t need another pair of shoes either but again at £2 it was impossible to resist them!

I managed to pick up these six rings for only £1 in New Look. They’ve reduced lots of the jewellery in the Roam range, most of it to £2 or less!

These cute little crystal studs were also reduced to £1. I like simple studded earrings as they don’t get caught in my hair!

Primark Haul!

So after the generosity of all my lovely family and friends, I had lots of vouchers and birthday money to spend.
This is the first lot of things I picked up on my shopping trip to primark this week.

Maxi skirt £10
Cardigan £4.90
Satchel £9
Shoes £6

As I've said before, I'm in love with the colour orange just now which you can clearly see from my latest maxi skirt purchase. And the cardigan goes perfect with it which is an added bonus.
I've been after a satchel for a while now too, but I didn't want to spend too much so this £9 one was exactly what I wanted. Hopefully it will b strong enough to hold my ipad and books when I go back to uni!
And the cute studded shoes are just another pair of shoes for my work. They are actually quite comfortable too!

Maxi Skirt ❤

New Look Sale

Today I had a wee nosey around my local new look store in my lunch break and found they have loads of fabulous bargains right now! Over half of my local store was sale stock and it is a pretty big store!

I managed to pick up these fabulous finds!


Aztec print is one of my favourite prints right now and the lovely pink and white Aztec crop top was only £5!
The black top I bought because I needed something nice and lightweight to wear to work (working in a shopping centre in summer is more like being in a sauna constantly!) and at only £4 I got myself a bargain with this! Hopefully it will keep me nice and cool too!
Then finally I picked up the lovely pink and black polka dot underwear set for just £8. Because I have a bigger chest I usually don’t manage to find my size in new look underwear but this one was from the Kelly brook range and fitted perfectly!

I highly recommend you all get yourselves down to your local new look fast and grab yourself a bargain before I get them all! 🙂