What will be, will be

This week has been just horrible! 

You may have been reading in the papers/ seen on the news that Tie Rack is closing all its UK stores before the end of the year. Well I work in one of those stores and I’ve been made redundant. 

Not many people say they love their job, but i genuinely do. I’m absolutely gutted! It’s been so hard to take the news and I’m really gonna miss everyone when we all leave. 

Of course now we are in closing down sale, the place has gone mad, especially with it being so close to Christmas! Therefore, please forgive me if there are very few posts between now and christmas! I’m working a lot of hours at the moment! 

So what is the point in this post you may ask? Well I’ve been reading lots of news articles about the closing of Tie Rack. Many people blame it on men not wanting to dress smart anymore. Other people say online competitors are killing us. And I’ve seen the tweet “who even wears a tie anymore?” about 300 times!! 

This has angered me so much! People don’t seem to realise Tie Rack is not just a tie shop! We sell jewellery, scarves, hats, gloves for both men and ladies! And the accessories are all gorgeous and very on trend! It is so upsetting to see people who think it is just a tie shop! 

I’d love to know what you think about this! Have you ever shopped in Tie Rack? Do you think it’s true that men don’t want to dress smart anymore? And what do you think about the potential death of the high street due to online sales? Leave me a comment below! 🙂