Outfit: Pink to make the boys wink!

Okay so firstly, I apologise for my absence from the blogosphere lately! I’ve had a horrible few months and I just haven’t felt like sharing  anything with the world! On November 21st I was told I would be losing my job at the end of the year. I took this pretty hard as I’ve been in the same job since I was 16! It was my first ever job and I slowly worked my way up. I had a really close relationship with my colleagues so it wasn’t very nice! When the closing down process began, everything got manic and I had no time for anything! Anyway, long story cut short, we closed up for the last time on the 23rd december. I still miss the place every day 😦 

So rambling over, here is my outfit from yesterday! 



Cardigan- New Look £12.99

Jeggings- New Look £9.99

Cami- Hollister (few years old) 

p.s my phone case in this picture holds a small clue to what post might be coming soon! 😉 




I just love this scarf! I got it from my work in our closing down sale for just £3 (along with about 20 other scarves!) 

So there we go, a little outfit post to ease me back into blogging ha ha! 


Huge Autumn Haul!!

Firstly, I apologise for neglecting my blog lately! I’ve been so busy with work and uni that I’ve just had no time to post! Don’t worry though, I have a long list of posts I want to get up so you can all look forward to those! 

This post was supposed to be lots of little ones but it’s taken me so long to get them up that I’ve decided to merge them into one and show you all my huge autumn haul! 



The first item is this lovely batwing leopard print top! This was £5 from Primark. It’s a little short on the body and I’m only 5ft 1 so I’d imagine it would be more like a crop top on anyone tall but it looks nice with a little black cami under it so I’m keeping it 🙂 



This beautiful fairisle dress is from everything5pounds.com (obviously it was £5). I’ve been looking for a dress like this since last winter and I’m so glad I found this. I can’t wait to wear it with chunky tights and boots! Expect an outfit post when I finally get the chance to wear this! As an added bonus, when this arrived it had a label on it saying £15.99 so I got an absolute bargain with this! Go check out their website, they’ve got some really cute knitted dresses on there just now! 



Now I am not usually mad about heels, I’m more of a boots/flats person but these really caught my eye. These were also from a bargain website called justfor5pounds.com! I bought them to wear to a blogger event I attended in Glasgow 2 weeks ago (Post about this coming up next!) and I loved them! I don’t know how, with them having such a chunky heel but I did manage to go over on my ankle in them unfortunately! 



Don’t you just love this cardigan!? It is just so cosy and fluffy! And if you are not mad on the faux-fur collar it is removable! This was £28 from Peacocks and I just love it! (Direct Link) I can definitely see me wearing this all winter! 



This is another peacocks item! This lovely burgundy bag was only £14 and I have to say it’s exactly what I was needing for carrying my Uni things in! (Direct Link) It may not look like it but I can get my 13 inch macbook pro in here along with a textbook, my purse (stuffed full of 1 and 2p’s!) and a pencil case! And because it has a long strap, I can wear it across my body to avoid getting a sore shoulder! 



As you will probably be aware from previous posts, I am a sucker for cat socks! These were £4 for a pack of 3 from peacocks which is not too bad. (Direct Link) I’ve worn and washed them a few times now and they are still looking as good as new so I’m very happy! 



Every time I go into Primark I can’t seem to leave without buying a pair of Pyjamas! I went in the other day and they had so many tartan bottoms, I must have spent at least 20 minutes trying to decide what ones to buy! I finally settled on these but every other pair they have are on my christmas list!! These were £6. The only thing I would say is the flannel material Primark pyjamas tend to go bobbly very quickly (after 1 wear most times!) which is quite disappointing! The fleece material ones are much better! However I don’t mind too much as it gives me an excuse to go back and buy more! 



I bought these lovely scarves for wearing to work! I’ve been wearing the same scarf for weeks and I managed to get permanent marker all over it when doing sale prep so I had to get new ones! Obviously I couldn’t settle on just 1 so I bought 3!

Burgundy Paisley (Link) The other 2 are not on the website but see store locator to find your local store! 


These are square scarves and I like to wear them rolled up and draped round my neck. They are £9.99 each but they are on ‘buy one get one half price’ just now so if you like what you see, go grab some! 



There was one item I didn’t already own and it was a tartan shirt! I was browsing in the hollister sale the other day and this jumped out at me! I don’t know why, but I was really drawn to the colour. It’s a gorgeous jade green colour. This was only £16.99 in the sale and I just had to have it. It is a floaty, silky material and it looks great with skinny jeans and converse for those long lectures at Uni! 



The lovely people over at very.co.uk phoned me up and offered me £30 off if I made an order of £60 or more on my credit account! So obviously I couldn’t resist this and snapped up these uggs! (Direct Link) I’ve been deliberating over lots of different uggs over the last few weeks, and I already own the chestnut colour in these boots so I decided on the chocolate colour as I don’t already have a dark brown pair of boots. Obviously I was delighted with these especially as I got them for £120 instead of £150! 



I used my very credit account a bit more when their sale started a few days after I bought my uggs! I couldn’t decide on which colour I liked best but since there was a special offer on sale products when I bought them (extra 24% off for 24 hours), I got these for just £3.90 each!! The material is gorgeous on these, so nice and soft! I’ve worn them both with skinny jeans and boots and they look great on too! (Direct Link)


I also got this lovely metallic cardigan in the very sale! (Direct Link) It was reduced to £10 and I love it! It’s actually a golden colour (sorry the lighting is rubbish in my room). It is one of the few colours of cardigan I didn’t already own so I had to have this. And I just love sparkly things! 



These cute little ankle boots were also in the Very sale! (Direct Link) I got them for just £9.88! I’ve worn them all week at work and they are sooooo comfy! I’m delighted with these! I like to wear them with tights and a black midi dress, but I’m going to explore other ways of wearing them next week! 



I finally managed to find a cat print dress that I like! I bought this on ebay and I got it for a bargain price of £2.58! Obviously because it was burgundy, I just had to have it! I’ve not had a chance to wear this yet, but I’ve tried it on loads and I love it! 



And finally (I bet you are glad to see that word!), I got this cute leopard print dress in the New Look sale for £12. I bought this to wear to the blogger event I was at 2 weeks ago! I love leopard print and it was long enough to wear with tights so I was very happy with this! 

So that is everything I have been buying over the last couple of weeks! Which item is your favourite? 

New Look Sale Finds!

Lots of shops are beginning to have mid season sales already, and New Look is no exception! 

I’ve been looking for a few nice tops to wear with leggings/jeggings at uni. I picked up these two tops for just £5 each! 



I really love the aztec print just now. The grey one is more fitted and could even be worn as evening wear, dressed up with some heels! And I love the burgundy one purely for the colour! If you’ve been reading my blog you will know I’ve been obsessed with this colour recently! 

Have you found any bargains in the new look sale? 


New Look Haul + 25% voucher link!

I managed to come across a little voucher for 25% off at New Look until 24th september, so this was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few new items for wearing to Uni.


The first thing I picked up was this cute deer vest top! It is quite a long vest which I really like so I can wear it with leggings! This was £7.99 so with 25% off I got it for £6 which is verging on Primark prices which is just great! I can tell I will wear this lots!


You can’t really tell from the picture (Sorry, the lighting in my bedroom is terrible) but these are denim look leggings! I used to have a pair of these a few years ago but I managed to rip them so I threw them out! I like wearing leggings as they are so comfy, especially when you are stuck sitting around in classes all day so I will definitely wear these lots too! And because they are denim effect, they will go with all my navy clothes too! These were £9.99 reduced to £7.50 with my voucher!


I’ve been looking for a comfy pair of black flats for wearing to work for a while! I need something with a substantial sole as I stand for up to 6 hours at a time on a tiled floor which is a killer on my feet! New look have definitely made lots of improvements to the soles on their shoes for A/W as these have a much thicker sole than they used to! These are just basic flats but they will be perfect for work and with 25% off, I got these for just £6! Bargain!


And finally, I found these colourful studs in the jewellery section. I’ve had my ears pierced 4 times but I can never find any plain studs to wear so I only ever wear one set of earrings at a time. However these will mean I can wear more now! I couldn’t believe how cheap these were! They look much more expensive than they were. And with 25% I only paid £2.99 for them!

So if you have seen anything you like in new look, print off the following voucher and you can claim 25% off like me!! Hurry though, it is only valid for a few more days!

Friends and Family 25% off Voucher- Valid Until 24th September

Uh oh I went shopping again…

I had a day off today which could only result in one thing…a shopping spree.
I managed to pick up a few lovely bargains on my travels today.

Pink leopard dress- New Look £7
Brown leopard dress- Internacionale £6
Rings- New Look £1
Earrings- New Look £1
Shoes- Primark £2

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a big fan of leopard print. These 2 dresses caught my eye and in the sale I definitely couldn’t resist. I really didn’t need another pair of shoes either but again at £2 it was impossible to resist them!

I managed to pick up these six rings for only £1 in New Look. They’ve reduced lots of the jewellery in the Roam range, most of it to £2 or less!

These cute little crystal studs were also reduced to £1. I like simple studded earrings as they don’t get caught in my hair!

Bargain of the day!!

I was bored on my lunch break yesterday and I thought I would go and see what bargains I could find in new look. Well I just so happened to find this lovely little top reduced to just £2!

I really love the colour orange just now so I naturally loved this!
I like to wear it with my plain black maxi skirt to add a little bit of colour!
I know I’ve said this before, but everyone get yourselves to new look and find yourself a nice little bargain this weekend! 🙂

New Look Sale

Today I had a wee nosey around my local new look store in my lunch break and found they have loads of fabulous bargains right now! Over half of my local store was sale stock and it is a pretty big store!

I managed to pick up these fabulous finds!


Aztec print is one of my favourite prints right now and the lovely pink and white Aztec crop top was only £5!
The black top I bought because I needed something nice and lightweight to wear to work (working in a shopping centre in summer is more like being in a sauna constantly!) and at only £4 I got myself a bargain with this! Hopefully it will keep me nice and cool too!
Then finally I picked up the lovely pink and black polka dot underwear set for just £8. Because I have a bigger chest I usually don’t manage to find my size in new look underwear but this one was from the Kelly brook range and fitted perfectly!

I highly recommend you all get yourselves down to your local new look fast and grab yourself a bargain before I get them all! 🙂