Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment Review

My other half was asking me the other day if there were any lush products I liked other than snow fairy so he could get ideas for valentines day. Of course I decided to go have a look at all the limited edition products so I could tell him! 

Whilst browsing I got chatting to the sales guy about my love for snow fairy! This led to me buying the gorgeous bath melt! It smells identical to snow fairy!



Of course I couldn’t wait for my bath last night to use this! 

It was sooooo nice. The smell was just amazing. My bathroom still smells amazing now! 

And the colour was a nice baby pink, so no scrubbing the bath clean! 

I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves snow fairy as much as me! It is one of the more expensive bath bombs at £3.95 each but it is totally worth it! 



Lush Snow Fairy Review!


Christmas time is my favourite time of year. I just love cosy nights in, bright lights, big scarves and obviously, the lush christmas range! 

I was sooooo excited when this returned to the shops! Snow fairy is described as having the scent of candy floss and pear drops. When you open the bottle, be prepared for your whole bathroom to be filled with the scent. It is powerful and a little goes a long way! (as you can see I’ve not used much out of this bottle despite using it every day for 2 weeks). 

It sounds creepy but I find myself popping the lid on this and just sitting sniffing the bottle. I don’t know why but the smell just makes me instantly happy! The scent clings to you for hours after showering. In fact, I’ve noticed I can still be able to smell it on my skin up to 12 hours later! 

In my opinion, this is an absolute must-have! You can purchase it HERE. Don’t let the price put you off! It is worth every penny! 

Lush Bath Bomb Review

If there is one brand I can’t live without, it has to be Lush! 

I was babysitting my little cousin a few weeks ago and I had nipped into Primark to grab some hair clips so my other half took my cousin to Lush to get out the rain! 

Whilst in there he treated me to this lovely bath bomb! (Direct Link)



It is probably just as well I wasn’t with him at the time otherwise I would have bought this plus the rest of the shop! 

Anyway, I was feeling particularly stressed after a long day at work and uni the other day so I thought I would run myself a nice bath and try this out! 




From the appearance of the bath bomb, I totally didn’t expect this lovely purple colour! 

It smelt great too! It was a very rich, fruity smell! The bathroom smelt amazing for ages after! And there was no stains on the bath after I let the water away either so my landlord can’t complain!! 

The scent of the bomb stuck to my skin for at least 12 hours after which I would say is pretty good! Normal shower gel scents don’t normally last anymore than 15 minutes on my skin!! 

I would definitely recommend trying this bath bomb! I am definitely adding these and other Lush items to my Christmas list! 

Have you tried any Lush products lately? I’d love to read your posts! Drop me a comment in the box below! 🙂