January Primark Haul

Today I decided to go for a little wander to Primark. I wanted to get some new bed sheets and a pair of plain black plimsoles for work. Here is what I picked up! 




These were the bed sheets I decided on! Slightly tacky I know but so typical of me to pick leopard print! It was £14 for a kingsize set which I think is great value! Primark’s bedding prices have dropped considerably this year! 



These grey jeggings were only £7. The only complaint I have about these is that they sit a bit low on my hips but for £7 I don’t mind too much! 



These cute reindeer PJ’s were reduced to only £3! I have a very similar pair which I love so I couldn’t resist these! 


Now this was an absolute bargain! I’ve seen a few bloggers pick this skirt up in their local primark for £5 but for some reason in my local store it was only £1! I’ve got a family reunion in 2 weeks time and I think this will feature for the meal at night! I still can’t quite believe I only paid a pound for this! 


This dress is very bright but there is something nice about it! I don’t think I will get much wear out of this until summer but for only £5 I can’t complain! 



No trip to primark would be complete without buying a few plain cami tops! I’ve been buying a lot of pink lately and today was no different. The white and fuchsia tops were £2 and the baby pink one was £2.50. I wear a plain cami almost every day so I will definitely get plenty wear out of these! 



These cute memory foam slippers were only £3.50! They are dead comfy! 



This gorgeous silky cami was reduced to only £2! I think I’m going to wear this with my £1 sequin skirt to my family reunion meal! 



I’m in love with this cardigan! Grey is another of my favourite colours just now. This was only £10 and I will definitely be wearing this lots as the weather starts getting warmer! 



And last, but not least, from the jewellery section I grabbed these beauties. The bow earrings were only £1 (aren’t they gorgeous!), the 5pk diamante studs were also £1 and the little leopard print clasps were reduced to 50p! 

So there we go! That’s my latest primark haul! 

I love reading new blogs. Leave me links to your blog in the comment box below! 🙂 



Primark Haul! (October 2013)

Eeeek! My favourite kind of post! 

Last weekend my mum and I went into town for a little spending spree! I had just been paid so it was the perfect time for a primark haul! 



This was the first item I picked up. This was £4 and has a lovely chiffon back with a big loop cutaway! I plan on wearing this to work with leggings or with a black skirt and tights! 



I’m an absolute sucker for Primark Pyjamas and these were only £5! I love how cosy and soft they are! 



I absolutely fell in love with this cardigan the moment I saw it! It was £14 which is more than I normally pay for a cardigan in Primark but I just had to have it. It is burgundy (my favourite!) and sparkly (another favourite!) with gold and black detailing. I wore it to Uni today and it was warm enough to run from the car in the rain and also cool enough to prevent me overheating in the stuffy classrooms. 



Next up is these burgundy leggings. I really liked the quilted panels at the top and I think these will look nice with ugg boots in the winter. They are also a nice thick material which is a bonus! These were £6. Image

I then got this lovely sparkly black skirt. I probably won’t wear this much but I’m possibly planning on wearing it at Christmas time as it looks very festive! This was £6. It feels quite thin and flimsy though so I’m hoping it will be okay to wear with just tights! 



Now on to the accessories! I’m not planning on buying a new winter coat this year so I’m buying some new accessories to go with it. My coat is burgundy tartan and it’s bum-length wool coat, So this wooly hat will look awesome with it! And a bargain at only £3. The knitted headband was £1.50. I bought a few of these last year and I never wore them as I thought they looked a bit silly on me. However I’ve had them on a few times in the last few weeks (mainly to keep my hair out my way) and they look so much better now I’ve grown my hair a lot longer! 



Next, I got these sparkly studded shoes for £4 in the sale. I have to wear black shoes to work so I’ve been buying lots of patterned black shoes and so far I’ve not been told off! These are actually very comfy for primark shoes! The pants were £1. Anyone who knows me will know I’m obsessed with anything cat print! I’m definately a self-proclaimed cat lady! So when I saw these I had to get them to add to my cat-clothing collection! 



And finally I picked up these hair accessories! I’ve been wearing my hair down a lot lately but clipping back the front bits as they are very frizzy and NEVER sit right! So i grabbed this set of 2 hair clips for £1. Then I got these 2 hairbands in the sale. The cream one was £1 and the black fake-hair braided one was only 50p! I saw a girl at Uni wearing a similar hairband the other day so I thought I would give them a try! 

So that’s everything for this Primark Haul! What’s you favourite item? Have you done a primark haul recently? I’d love to see your posts so drop me a comment in the box below! 

Uh oh I went shopping again…

I had a day off today which could only result in one thing…a shopping spree.
I managed to pick up a few lovely bargains on my travels today.

Pink leopard dress- New Look £7
Brown leopard dress- Internacionale £6
Rings- New Look £1
Earrings- New Look £1
Shoes- Primark £2

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a big fan of leopard print. These 2 dresses caught my eye and in the sale I definitely couldn’t resist. I really didn’t need another pair of shoes either but again at £2 it was impossible to resist them!

I managed to pick up these six rings for only £1 in New Look. They’ve reduced lots of the jewellery in the Roam range, most of it to £2 or less!

These cute little crystal studs were also reduced to £1. I like simple studded earrings as they don’t get caught in my hair!

Forever 21 Haul

Today I went through to the lovely city of Glasgow. I went with intentions of getting a MacBook but for many reasons I’ve yet to purchase one. I did however make a stop in forever 21. We don’t have a forever 21 in Edinburgh so it’s a big deal for me to get to go there! Obviously as a big fan of New York, I love the shop!
When approaching the store I immediately noticed the sign in the window saying “extra 50% off sale items” which excited me greatly!
Anyway here is some photos of the cute items I picked up!


Dress £12
Leggings £8.75


I am in love with these leggings! Cat print seems to be very popular just now!


Stripe top £3.50
Grey tunic £4.99

If you are lucky enough to live near a forever21, get yourself down there. Their sale is well worth a look!