Outfit: Pink to make the boys wink!

Okay so firstly, I apologise for my absence from the blogosphere lately! I’ve had a horrible few months and I just haven’t felt like sharing  anything with the world! On November 21st I was told I would be losing my job at the end of the year. I took this pretty hard as I’ve been in the same job since I was 16! It was my first ever job and I slowly worked my way up. I had a really close relationship with my colleagues so it wasn’t very nice! When the closing down process began, everything got manic and I had no time for anything! Anyway, long story cut short, we closed up for the last time on the 23rd december. I still miss the place every day 😦 

So rambling over, here is my outfit from yesterday! 



Cardigan- New Look £12.99

Jeggings- New Look £9.99

Cami- Hollister (few years old) 

p.s my phone case in this picture holds a small clue to what post might be coming soon! 😉 




I just love this scarf! I got it from my work in our closing down sale for just £3 (along with about 20 other scarves!) 

So there we go, a little outfit post to ease me back into blogging ha ha! 


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