What will be, will be

This week has been just horrible! 

You may have been reading in the papers/ seen on the news that Tie Rack is closing all its UK stores before the end of the year. Well I work in one of those stores and I’ve been made redundant. 

Not many people say they love their job, but i genuinely do. I’m absolutely gutted! It’s been so hard to take the news and I’m really gonna miss everyone when we all leave. 

Of course now we are in closing down sale, the place has gone mad, especially with it being so close to Christmas! Therefore, please forgive me if there are very few posts between now and christmas! I’m working a lot of hours at the moment! 

So what is the point in this post you may ask? Well I’ve been reading lots of news articles about the closing of Tie Rack. Many people blame it on men not wanting to dress smart anymore. Other people say online competitors are killing us. And I’ve seen the tweet “who even wears a tie anymore?” about 300 times!! 

This has angered me so much! People don’t seem to realise Tie Rack is not just a tie shop! We sell jewellery, scarves, hats, gloves for both men and ladies! And the accessories are all gorgeous and very on trend! It is so upsetting to see people who think it is just a tie shop! 

I’d love to know what you think about this! Have you ever shopped in Tie Rack? Do you think it’s true that men don’t want to dress smart anymore? And what do you think about the potential death of the high street due to online sales? Leave me a comment below! 🙂 


Giveaway time!

Okay so I’m going to do a giveaway for my lovely readers once I get to 50 bloglovin followers!

I promise it won’t be a let down!

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Once I get to 100 followers I will announce the giveaway!

Get following people! 🙂


2nd Anniversary Surprise!

This is a little bit of a late post, but on Thursday 31st October, my partner and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary (not wedding anniversary, I’m still working on that!) 

He’d been taunting me with a surprise he had planned for weeks! In the morning he came through to the sitting room with a gorgeous leopard print suitcase and told me to pack enough things for the next day! Then we got in the car and drove about 30 miles outside of Edinburgh. 

This was me excited before we left! 



(I really need to learn to smile! ha ha!)

Then we arrived at the Macdonald Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa near Falkirk! The hotel was gorgeous! It was in what looked like an old church which had been converted into a hotel. 

This was our lovely room for the night:







How amazing is this sofa!!? I was honestly contemplating buying it off the hotel, i loved it that much! I took this photo to see if I could find a similar one anywhere when we eventually buy a house! 

So, once we had put our things in the room we headed down for lunch in the restaurant. I had gammon steaks with chips and egg which was amazing. Full of flavour, which is not something you can always say about gammon! My partner had mushroom tagliatelle. I had a little taste of this and it was also amazing! 

After lunch, we headed to the swimming pool. It was lovely and quiet! Everytime I try to go swimming in Edinburgh, the pool is full of babies and toddlers screaming! We had a lovely swim, sauna and steam room, then we relaxed on the heated loungers before heading back upstairs for a shower. 

Then came my second surprise! He’d booked me 2 spa treatments!! My first treatment was a back, neck and shoulder massage which was amazing! That was the first time I’d ever had a massage but I will definitely be booking another one in the future! 

The second treatment as a 30 minute facial. The hotel used Decleor skin products and it was my first time using these products. The therapist told me they are all made using essential oils and natural products. After the facial my skin felt lovely and soft! It also got rid of the patch of dry skin I had on my forehead which was a bonus. My skin is still feeling lovely even 2 weeks later! You can buy Decleor skin products HERE

After my relaxing time in the beautiful spa, we headed out to dinner to celebrate our 2 years together! 



Please excuse my face! We took these photos before i had done my hair and make-up!

My dress is from Lipsy (£48). I also had a leopard print clutch bag from Accessorize, plain black tights from Primark and plain black court shoes from New Look. 

My other half is wearing Primark Chinos, M&S shirt, and tartan tie with matching pocket square from Tie Rack! 

We both had an amazing time and we can’t wait to do it again some day! In January we will be heading off on our very special holiday which we have been saving and waiting for for over a year! I’m so excited about it! It has always been my dream, when I turn 21 to go to New York and we are finally going!!! 

Expect many excited blog posts about this as we get even closer! 50 days to go! 🙂 

Mini Primark Haul // November

I’ve been a terrible blogger recently and haven’t posted in ages! I’ve had coursework coming out my eyeballs, but it’s all over now so I’ve got time for a quick post! 

And it is one of my favourites! A primark haul! 

Just a little haul though, because christmas is coming and I’m saving my pennies for a very special holiday just after christmas! 



Cardigan £6

This was very boring purchase but I’m always in need of black cardigans for work. This felt a bit thicker than my usual primark cardigans so it will do nicely for the winter months!



Super Cosy tights- £3.50

I’ve become a big fan of dresses and tights in the last few months. Because I usually walk to work I definitely need these to keep my legs warm! Especially when it starts snowing which, judging by the cold air, isn’t too far away!! 



Sweatpants £3

Not the most fashionable of items, but I bought these purely for lounging about the house on my days off! (and running to the corner shop for my daily can of diet coke!) They were in the sale for £3 and are my favourite colour so they will do nicely for what I need them for. 



Fleece Nightdress £4

How amazingly cute is this?! I saw this on a sale rack reduced from £7 to £4 and I just had to have it! I love the reindeer print on it and the colours go so well together. Very cosy and christmassy! Even my mum loved it! So much that she bought one for herself too! They’ve got lots of other patterns of these at full price which also look lovely and cosy! 



Hat £3

And finally, I picked up this cute little hat! I really liked the colours of this hat and I’ve got a similar one is plain cream colour which I wear all the time so I know I will definitely get wear out of this. I’m really loving hats just now! They are so good for bad hair days, of which I have many! 

What have you been buying in Primark lately? Leave me links to your blog below 🙂 

Katie xx