Wardrobe Clear out!

After my many shopping sprees in the last few weeks, my wardrobe was looking a little bit too full so on my day off I decided to have a big clear out! I’m going to be selling some of the clothes I’m parting with, on ebay over the weekend so I’ll post a link to my ebay at some point this week! 

Here is what my wardrobe looked like before my clear out! Image

This is a highly embarrassing sight, I’m sure you will agree! I can’t believe I let it get so messy. 

Below is how it now looks, after filling 3 bin bags of unwanted clothes! Image

Much Better!! You will notice I have one whole shelf full of just scarves! I love scarves and think they can completely change a plain outfit. During my 5 years working in Tie Rack I’ve built up quite a collection, as you can see! 

Hopefully my wardrobe will stay looking this tidy from now on! 

When was the last time you had a good wardrobe clear out? 


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