New Look Haul + 25% voucher link!

I managed to come across a little voucher for 25% off at New Look until 24th september, so this was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few new items for wearing to Uni.


The first thing I picked up was this cute deer vest top! It is quite a long vest which I really like so I can wear it with leggings! This was £7.99 so with 25% off I got it for £6 which is verging on Primark prices which is just great! I can tell I will wear this lots!


You can’t really tell from the picture (Sorry, the lighting in my bedroom is terrible) but these are denim look leggings! I used to have a pair of these a few years ago but I managed to rip them so I threw them out! I like wearing leggings as they are so comfy, especially when you are stuck sitting around in classes all day so I will definitely wear these lots too! And because they are denim effect, they will go with all my navy clothes too! These were £9.99 reduced to £7.50 with my voucher!


I’ve been looking for a comfy pair of black flats for wearing to work for a while! I need something with a substantial sole as I stand for up to 6 hours at a time on a tiled floor which is a killer on my feet! New look have definitely made lots of improvements to the soles on their shoes for A/W as these have a much thicker sole than they used to! These are just basic flats but they will be perfect for work and with 25% off, I got these for just £6! Bargain!


And finally, I found these colourful studs in the jewellery section. I’ve had my ears pierced 4 times but I can never find any plain studs to wear so I only ever wear one set of earrings at a time. However these will mean I can wear more now! I couldn’t believe how cheap these were! They look much more expensive than they were. And with 25% I only paid £2.99 for them!

So if you have seen anything you like in new look, print off the following voucher and you can claim 25% off like me!! Hurry though, it is only valid for a few more days!

Friends and Family 25% off Voucher- Valid Until 24th September


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