Tie Rack A/W 2013!

If you didn’t know before, I work for an awesome accessories company called tie rack. This post is all about my pick of the best items in this years autumn/winter collection! (there were far too many pretty things to choose from but I managed to narrow it down to four!)


Serape £34.99

If you don’t know what a serape is, then listen up! These amazing items are basically a large shawl but they are honestly so cosy and will keep you warm all winter! The leopard print and fur combination is very on trend for this year! And this one even comes with little arm holes on the side to make this look like an oversized cardigan when wearing it! (another on trend item for this year). I plan to wear this lots and as it gets colder i’ll start wearing a long sleeved t-shirt under it to keep me a bit warmer!


Serape £34.99

Because there are so many amazing patterns and colours to choose from in this year’s range of serapes, i couldn’t just pick one so I also had to get this cute tartan one! Tartan is another print that is going to be massive this winter so I’m really looking forward to wearing this! Keep an eye out for some future posts showing you how to look amazing wearing these!


Pashmina £17.99

I am a big fan of pashminas as they are such a versatile product (I must own one in every colour imaginable!) Tie rack pashminas are a great size for doing so many different things with them! I bought this one as it’s a lovely burgundy colour so it will go with all the burgundy items I’ve been buying lately!


Scarf £19.99

And finally, I just love this scarf! Everything about it is perfect! I’ve not been able to get a tartan scarf for many years because I’m allergic to wool and I’ve only ever seen wool ones! But this one is made of acrylic so I know it’s not going to irritate my skin. I had this scarf out on a test run to the shops last night and it kept me nice and cosy in the cold breeze! I don’t think I will have this scarf off during winter this year! It looks amazing with so many different colours!

That is my top 4 favourite items from Tie Rack’s Autumn Winter Collection so far! Look out for more posts about this. I’m sure there are plenty more amazing items waiting to come into stores!

What do you think about these products? How would you wear a serape? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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