Primark Haul September Part 2!

I  wasn’t supposed to be shopping today but it was raining and I needed an umbrella so I just “nipped into Primark.” Needless to say I was in there for over an hour…

So here is some of the bargains I found today! 



Both of these cute dresses were in the sale! The denim one was reduced from £14 to £5 and the spotty one reduced from £5 to £2! I’ve been looking for a denim dress for ages so I was delighted to find this! 



These 2 tops were both reduced to £1! As i have to wear black to work, I will get plenty wear out of them, and I can wear a chunky cardigan over them in winter! 



I’m forever buying new leggings, you can never have too many pairs! And these will be perfect for winter at the bargain price of £6. (p.s they are much thicker and less see-through than your standard primark leggings!) 

Just look how nice and fluffy the lining on these is!





And finally, I couldn’t resist these cute cat slipper socks! I’ve got a really bad habit of buying cat socks just now! But these were only £3 and they look almost exactly like my cat so they had to be bought! Plus they will keep my feet cosy in the winter and as they are slipper socks they will stop me slipping on the wooden floors in my house! 

So that’s all I bought today! So much for just getting an umbrella! (which I did get by the way! Leopard print dome umbrella for £4!) I’d love to hear what bargains you’ve found lately! Drop me a comment in the comments box! 🙂



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