New Look Haul + 25% voucher link!

I managed to come across a little voucher for 25% off at New Look until 24th september, so this was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few new items for wearing to Uni.


The first thing I picked up was this cute deer vest top! It is quite a long vest which I really like so I can wear it with leggings! This was £7.99 so with 25% off I got it for £6 which is verging on Primark prices which is just great! I can tell I will wear this lots!


You can’t really tell from the picture (Sorry, the lighting in my bedroom is terrible) but these are denim look leggings! I used to have a pair of these a few years ago but I managed to rip them so I threw them out! I like wearing leggings as they are so comfy, especially when you are stuck sitting around in classes all day so I will definitely wear these lots too! And because they are denim effect, they will go with all my navy clothes too! These were £9.99 reduced to £7.50 with my voucher!


I’ve been looking for a comfy pair of black flats for wearing to work for a while! I need something with a substantial sole as I stand for up to 6 hours at a time on a tiled floor which is a killer on my feet! New look have definitely made lots of improvements to the soles on their shoes for A/W as these have a much thicker sole than they used to! These are just basic flats but they will be perfect for work and with 25% off, I got these for just £6! Bargain!


And finally, I found these colourful studs in the jewellery section. I’ve had my ears pierced 4 times but I can never find any plain studs to wear so I only ever wear one set of earrings at a time. However these will mean I can wear more now! I couldn’t believe how cheap these were! They look much more expensive than they were. And with 25% I only paid £2.99 for them!

So if you have seen anything you like in new look, print off the following voucher and you can claim 25% off like me!! Hurry though, it is only valid for a few more days!

Friends and Family 25% off Voucher- Valid Until 24th September


B1G1HP beauty at boots!

Today I used the last of my favourite foundation so I popped into boots after work to grab another one. I thought this would be a quick in-out situation but no, I spotted an offer not to be missed! 

Right now boots have Buy 1 get 1 half price on mix and match across all beauty products. So here is what I picked up from this offer! 


Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm- £2.99

I’ve seen these lip balms on lots of blogs recently so I really want to try them out! The purple one is tinted a slightly nude colour so hopefully it will be a nice alternative to lipgloss (which my long hair always sticks to in the lovely Scottish wind!) The yellow one is just a plain hydrating balm. 



Collection 2000 Mascara- £2.99

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation- £7.69

I don’t wear a lot of mascara but the one I had was all clumpy so I took advantage of the boots offer to get a new one! I just wanted something cheap so this suited me perfectly. The foundation is the same one I’ve been using for about 3 years! It works really well with my skin so I don’t want to try anything different! I like that it is a mousse too as it makes it a lot easier to blend! 



Rimmel Nail Polish- £3.99

I absolutely love Rimmel nail polishes! They always look really nice and don’t chip as easy as the cheaper brands. This one is a sparkly orange colour and I just loved it the second I saw it! It goes with my handbag and all my orange clothes I’ve been buying! I’ve just finished putting it on my nails and I have to say it looks really nice after only 2 coats! 




Barry M Nail Polish- £2.99

I also really liked this colour! It is a cerise pink glitter! I’m looking forward to trying this one out once I’m done with the orange sparkles! 

That was all my lovely new make-up purchases which, including a £1.65 bottle of hairspray, came to £21 which is not too bad for all these goodies! 

What have you been buying in this boots offer? 


Just a little haul…

Don’t you just love it when your student loan appears in your bank? Well i do, because that only means one thing! Shopping!

So here is the items I’ve picked up this week!



Top- River Island £22

Okay so this top is waaay too expensive for what it is but I just fell in love with it and I had to have it! I wore it to my first day back at uni yesterday with the burgundy cami dress from my Primark Haul- September post, and plain black leggings. 

I’ve not got a photo of my next purchase (because they are in the wash right now!) but I got these black leggings from M&S. I don’t usually buy things from M&S but i have to say, their new A/W collection is really good! These leggings were £15 which is more than i usually pay but I’ve had them on about 5 times and they still look as good as they did when i bought them! 



Leggings- Next (Outlet store) £11

I really like wearing pattern trousers and leggings and this must be one of the only patterns I didn’t already have! I thought these were really nice, I’m looking forward to wearing them with a plain black cami and a coloured cardigan. The only problem I’ve found with them is that they sit on the hips, whereas I prefer my leggings pulled up Simon Cowell style! I still really like them though so I’m keeping them! 



Jumper- Primark £3 (BARGAIN!) 

I picked up this jumper thinking it was £8 (it was on a full price rail), but when I got to the till it scanned at £3 so I was delighted! I really like sparkly jumpers and as this one has silver lurex thread in it I had to have it. I’m secretly happy Autumn is here cause I can get all my sequin jumpers back out again!! 


Hoody- £14.98 Ebay (Here)

I’ve been wanting this hoody for a year now and I finally bought it! I just love the massive, leopard print hood! It’s really cosy and looks great with leggings and ugg boots on those chilly afternoons! I can see me living in this when I’m stuck in the library in the winter! 

So that is all I’ve purchased so far! What is your favourite item? How would you wear these? 

Tie Rack A/W 2013!

If you didn’t know before, I work for an awesome accessories company called tie rack. This post is all about my pick of the best items in this years autumn/winter collection! (there were far too many pretty things to choose from but I managed to narrow it down to four!)


Serape £34.99

If you don’t know what a serape is, then listen up! These amazing items are basically a large shawl but they are honestly so cosy and will keep you warm all winter! The leopard print and fur combination is very on trend for this year! And this one even comes with little arm holes on the side to make this look like an oversized cardigan when wearing it! (another on trend item for this year). I plan to wear this lots and as it gets colder i’ll start wearing a long sleeved t-shirt under it to keep me a bit warmer!


Serape £34.99

Because there are so many amazing patterns and colours to choose from in this year’s range of serapes, i couldn’t just pick one so I also had to get this cute tartan one! Tartan is another print that is going to be massive this winter so I’m really looking forward to wearing this! Keep an eye out for some future posts showing you how to look amazing wearing these!


Pashmina £17.99

I am a big fan of pashminas as they are such a versatile product (I must own one in every colour imaginable!) Tie rack pashminas are a great size for doing so many different things with them! I bought this one as it’s a lovely burgundy colour so it will go with all the burgundy items I’ve been buying lately!


Scarf £19.99

And finally, I just love this scarf! Everything about it is perfect! I’ve not been able to get a tartan scarf for many years because I’m allergic to wool and I’ve only ever seen wool ones! But this one is made of acrylic so I know it’s not going to irritate my skin. I had this scarf out on a test run to the shops last night and it kept me nice and cosy in the cold breeze! I don’t think I will have this scarf off during winter this year! It looks amazing with so many different colours!

That is my top 4 favourite items from Tie Rack’s Autumn Winter Collection so far! Look out for more posts about this. I’m sure there are plenty more amazing items waiting to come into stores!

What do you think about these products? How would you wear a serape? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Primark Haul September Part 2!

I  wasn’t supposed to be shopping today but it was raining and I needed an umbrella so I just “nipped into Primark.” Needless to say I was in there for over an hour…

So here is some of the bargains I found today! 



Both of these cute dresses were in the sale! The denim one was reduced from £14 to £5 and the spotty one reduced from £5 to £2! I’ve been looking for a denim dress for ages so I was delighted to find this! 



These 2 tops were both reduced to £1! As i have to wear black to work, I will get plenty wear out of them, and I can wear a chunky cardigan over them in winter! 



I’m forever buying new leggings, you can never have too many pairs! And these will be perfect for winter at the bargain price of £6. (p.s they are much thicker and less see-through than your standard primark leggings!) 

Just look how nice and fluffy the lining on these is!





And finally, I couldn’t resist these cute cat slipper socks! I’ve got a really bad habit of buying cat socks just now! But these were only £3 and they look almost exactly like my cat so they had to be bought! Plus they will keep my feet cosy in the winter and as they are slipper socks they will stop me slipping on the wooden floors in my house! 

So that’s all I bought today! So much for just getting an umbrella! (which I did get by the way! Leopard print dome umbrella for £4!) I’d love to hear what bargains you’ve found lately! Drop me a comment in the comments box! 🙂


Primark Haul- September!

I know everyone gets excited over a little Primark Haul so yesterday my lovely other half donated some money to my fashion fund so I could go and have a little spend-a-thon in Primark! 


Boots- £25

The first item to hit my basket was these lovely “riding boots.” During Autumn/Winter, I live in comfy boots and since I don’t like wearing my uggs in the rain, I’m always on the hunt for some nice leather effect boots. Riding style boots are very on trend at the moment! However the only thing I would say is that at £25, they are a little expensive for Primark! Hopefully they will be worth it though! 


Both Dresses- £5

I’m sure you are all aware, but Primark do a great range of £5 dresses and for Autumn/Winter they are making ones with longer sleeves! They didn’t have many options in these yet but I’m sure as time goes on they will get more patterns and colours in! I loved the spotty burgundy colour dress! Burgundy is definitely going to be a major colour in my wardrobe this winter! And I can’t wait to wear the black one with some chunky knitted tights as the weather gets colder! 


Cami Dress- £3
3 Pack Socks- £1 (SALE)
Chunky Slouch Hat- £2

And finally, I picked up these winter essentials! I own soo many colours of these Cami Dresses! This is the latest colour to hit the shelves and also fits with my colour scheme for winter! I love to wear these with printed leggings or jeans and a chunky jumper on top! The socks were reduced to just £1. I’m obsessed with buying socks just now so obviously I couldn’t resist this bargain! And you can never have too many socks, especially in Scotland when your feet are cold 99% of the time!! It is still a wee bit warm to wear my hat just now but I would probably not be able to find it if i went back when it got colder so I just grabbed it now! It’s a slightly slouchy hat with a big pom pom on the end! So cute! 

So that’s all I picked up yesterday! What have you been buying in Primark recently? What items are you looking forward to wearing this Autumn/Winter!? 




A new term, a new bag!

So uni goes back in less than 2 weeks time, and what better excuse to buy a new bag for carrying all my books about in! Having just invested in a macbook pro, it had to be big enough to fit this in, plus a notebook and a textbook. My friend owns a small handbag stall next to my work and she sells loads of these gorgeous tote bags! It’s the perfect size for getting all my things in it and it even comes with a little pouch for inside the bag to keep keys/phone/perfume/purses etc from getting lost! And an even better bonus, it has a long clip on strap for turning it into an over the shoulder bag too! 

So obviously i couldn’t resist this (not just because it’s orange!)

If you live in Edinburgh, please go and visit Sands Fashion in the Gyle Shopping Centre. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase! 

ImageOrange Tote Bag £24.50- Sands Fashion @ Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh