New Running Shoes!

So recently I’ve started running. I’m going to New York in january and my partner and I decided we wanted to lose a bit of weight and get fitter before we go.

So obviously I used this new hobby as an excuse to go shopping!

These beautiful babies are my latest purchase. Because I have such small feet, I managed to get these from the Kids section (hehe!)


Nike Flex Running Trainers ❀

They were Β£27.99 from Sports direct which I consider a bargain for the pair of Nike trainers! They go up to a size 5.5 so if, like me, you have small feet, be sure to check out the kids section before spending Β£65 on a similar pair!

Obviously I wouldn’t be recommending them if I hadn’t tried them out first and I have to say they are very comfy! They are also lightweight and it feels like they have a spring in them when you run! A nice change for me since my last running shoes were so clumpy!

I give these 5 stars!


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