Rant of the day

Maybe i’m just in a bad mood today but i feel like ranting.

1. Buses suck. Trying to get on a bus in rush hour, with crutches is honestly not the easiest thing in the world. I would like to thank the kind stranger who gave me their seat on the bus today.

2. Wind and rain. I got my hair cut today. Every single time i go to get my hair cut it’s windy and pouring with rain. What does the weather have against me! I just want to get a nice haircut without it being a mess 20 seconds after i leave the hairdressers.

3. Students can’t cook. Someone in my buliding burnt toast tonight and set the whole fire alarm system off. I live on the 3rd floor and when a fire alarm goes off so does the lift…stairs and broken foot are not a good combination…considering it was the stairs fault i ended up with the broken foot in the first place.

4. Men are messy. My boyfriend decided to put the empty ham packet back in the fridge today and leave me a mass of used tissues lying around. Honestly. Why have they never heard of a bin!

5. I swear the price of food is going up slyly. I spent Β£26 on bits and bobs i needed today…All i bought was cleaning supplies, packets of microwavable rice, biscuits, hot chocolate, juice and toilet rolls. Why is it getting so expensive?!

See i told you i was being a moan πŸ˜‰ Maybe tomorrow will be a better day x


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