Have you ever tried sleeping with a broken foot?

I honestly never imagined how painful a broken foot would be. After another restless nights sleeping with the constant twinges in my foot and the lovely cramp that developed in the back of my knee to add to the pain, it was off to the hospital for me again. I actually had a rather pleasant experience again. I’m quite impressed. After all the horror stories i hear about the royal infirmary, i can’t seem to find fault. Well apart from the fact the orthopaedic department is at the end of a long corridor…someone clearly never planned that one out very well!! I didn’t even have to wait that long to be seen, despite a full waiting room and one doctor running half an hour behind.

Apparently I have to wear my attractive moon-boot for another 4 weeks and my broken metatarsal (oh i even know the correct terms now!) will take a total of 6 weeks to heal properly. Gutted that my christmas night out with work is in 5 weeks time and i might not be able to wear my favourite heels though!

Hopefully with plenty rest (when im not having to work thanks to my employers giving me no sick pay) and some of my mum’s lovely bruise healing cream, my bones will heal nice and quickly!

Spot the difference!


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