Little Miss Clumsy

Such an eventful and stressful day for me today. Got up at the lovely hour of 6am to get ready for my driving lesson. Apparently it’s a white knuckle ride in a car with me (i have road rage and speeding issues.) After spending ages screaming at a cyclist to either buy a car or get a bus instead of taking up the whole road i arrived home (in one peice) to catch my bus to uni…however things soon took a turn for the worse. On my way down the stairs from my flat, my knee buckled and my ankle twisted, cracking my foot off the bottom step to go with it. Now i honestly thought, oh it’s fine i’ve only twisted my ankle…i soon discovered that this was not the case. After hobbling along to the bus stop, and making it to uni, I realised i was never going to be able to climb the massive hill at Craighouse in time for my lecture. In fact i didn’t even make it through the gate. I hobbled back to Kelly’s car and it was off to A&E for me.

You hear some horror stories about peoples experiences in A&E (3 hours waiting to see a nurse for example,) but I was pleasently surprised with my experience. I was seen to and x-rayed in only 40 minutes, then another minor wait in the waiting room to be told i had actually broken my foot. So to cut a long story short, i left the hospital with a lovely “moon-boot” as they like to call it and armed with a pair of crutches.

My experiences of being a cripple so far haven’t been that fun though…At the bus stop, a bunch of posh, edinburgh uni students barged past me to get on the bus and old women keep asking me why i have crutches. Then my work told me that i would probably have to take 4 weeks off work because head office wouldn’t be happy with me working with a broken foot. And because i’m a part timer, i don’t get sick pay. Can you imagine my bank balance after 4 weeks with no wage and no sick pay. I would be in so much debt, probably be evicted for not paying rent and starving to death. Thankfully i managed to make an agreement with my boss that i can still work as long as another member of staff comes in to close the shop for me. I’m very surprised that head office are willing to pay for another memeber of staff just because of me breaking a bone! I would expect it though. I’ve been there for 2 years, and i bail them out of the shit hundreds of times so i would expect the same in return.

Hopefully this break won’t take too long to heal…the pain is unbearable and i feel like a total idiot on crutches with my very unattractive “moon-boot” on!


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