An eye for an eye and the world goes blind.

When i was younger i used to believe that anyone who committed a murder should be executed.  That was until recently when i learned a little bit more about the death penalty and now i can see why so many people are against it.

In the USA, the first woman for five years has just been executed for arranging the murder of her husband and stepson so she could get her stepson’s $250,000 life insurance pay-out. It has been shown in tests that this woman, Theresa Lewis, was borderline “mentally retarded”, as the American’s put it. Of course, she should never have murdered her husband and stepson but money can be a tempting thing, especially seeing as she was living in a caravan and
considering she was possibly never understood what she was actually doing by arranging a murder, she shouldn’t have been executed (in my opinion anyway.)

I understand the whole concept of “an eye for an eye” but state execution violates the right to life which is one of our many human rights.  And yes, a murderer has violated someone else’s human rights by removing their right to life but two wrongs don’t make a right.  The death of anyone is sad, and execution can upset just as many, including the perpatrators family who are also losing a relative, no matter how evil they may be. I believe imprisonment is the best form of punishment as it protects the public and punishes the offender just the same as the death penalty (although i don’t believe in this TV in the cells nonsense. Bring back old school prisons!) Life imprisonment should mean life though. None of this let out after 20 odd years nonsense that we have at the moment.  The death penalty just shows the state to be murderers too, especially when they murder the mentally ill, who really only need support to get them back on their feet.
Maybe i’m just being a bit of a softie but i definatly believe the death penalty should be abolished in all the countries which it is currently used.


Mickey Mouse “Likes” Disney World

Just today Disney has joined the social media revolution by launching a new website where you can upload your photos and videos from your visit to Disney world. The website, carrying the slogan “let the memories begin” looks rather interesting although I’m not convinced that this website will spark lots of interest. Yes Disney world is wonderful and it’s nice that people can share their memories of it but to me it just looks like they are trying to find a new, subtle way of getting visitors into their parks. I definitely can’t see myself becoming a big fan of this site, even although i have been to Disney world. It also seems like they have tried to copy Facebook in many ways, including the use of the “like” feature.

I could see a few privacy issues arising with this site as well. Would you really want the whole world looking at photographs and videos of your children? I guess Disney just thought they would go all 21st century on us by adding a social networking site to their long list of enterprises (the Disney shop, Disney channel, films, books and cd’s to name a few). Time will tell how much of a success it will be.

Check out the website for yourself:

Big Hearted Brits

One thing’s for sure, us british people really do have a heart for animals.

After a video appeared on the internet of a cruel dog owner driving off and leaving his limping dog behind, hundreds of people from all over britain have come forward offering to re-home the dog.

This story ties in with the topic of how social media influences people in britain. If this video hadn’t appeared on the internet. There probably wouldn’t have been such a massive response from all over the UK, it would have just been a local story.

This is yet another animal cruelty story which has come to light because of social media, following on from the cat in the bin story and the bosnian girl (who is extremely sick and disturbed in my opinion) who posted photos of herself on facebook throwing live puppies into a river.

It seems to me like such a shame that people feel the need to do this to animals. After all they are just defenceless little creatures (in my eyes anyway.) Of course there are problems with viscious animals such as the dogs who have recently been let loose on the streets to maul young children, but the vast majority of animals aren’t like that at all and have been properly disciplined by their owners as to avoid this situation.

As a proud cat and dog owner, i personally believe anyone who harms an animal should be dealt with properly, including the use of large fines and community service orders. If some of us are good enough, or sad enough in some people’s opinion, to treat our pets like humans, then surely anyone who harms them should be punished as if they have hurt a human?

You can find the story from the BBC about the re-homing of the dog and the cctv footage of the dog being dumped here: